Think about your audience and what they need to get out of your presentation. Make sure the information you put in is relevant to them, not you.

Therefore, what you will learn at our Presentation Skills Seminar is that if you have spent three years on research, the audience most likely doesn’t need to hear about three years of research and how you did it; they need to know what are the results of the research and why does it matter to them?

Once you are clear on what the audience needs to do, you will then know what information to include. I find that most presentations can have 50% to 70% of the content removed. That 50% to 70% is usually for the presenter’s comfort, not for the audiences need.

Remember, simplicity is best to achieve results.

A quick acid test you will learn to use after attending our Presentation Skills Training, is to give your presentation to a ten-year-old and see if they can follow your thread of logic. (Why? Because the average person listens at a 4th grade level.) If they can’t, your presentation is not following a logical thread. This doesn’t mean they will understand all the complexity of the information, but they should understand how all the components fit together and why you are sharing that information.

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