If you find that after you present, people ask you questions that you feel you directly answered, your audience is telling you they didn’t hear it. This means that what you said never penetrated into their long-term thinking. Or it did not relate to a question, concern or need they had. So they weren’t able to grasp the information.

In our Presentation Skills Seminars we go over this situation and basically go in depth on your two options.

First option, go back and look at all of your material. Is it too detailed, making it difficult for people to transition from one thought to the next? Do you make it easy for the audience to understand why what you are sharing matters with them? If you didn’t, they will never be able to grasp or retain the information.

Second option is to make sure you have clearly laid out to the audience exactly what you are covering and why. This is like giving them a roadmap to what you will be talking about. If they don’t have a roadmap, they are like navigators lost at sea—a position that’s extremely uncomfortable to be in.

We also review and remind you during our Presentation Skills Training that at any time your audience feels uncomfortable, they will take out on you the hostility or frustration they feel. In other words, blame the frustration they are feeling on the fact that you are not giving them the correct information, rather than thinking that they are not paying attention to you. In my opinion, the fault always lies with the presenter, not the audience.

So, look no further than the mirror to make changes.

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