As leaders, we often get frustrated when everyone comes to us looking for solutions. How do you stop that trend and empower them to do things on their own?

The first thing you will learn during our Presentation Skills Seminar is that you need to do to examine what you are doing that is causing them to come to you, rather than take charge on their own. You may not be doing these things intentionally, but it could be hurting you.

Ask yourself:

1. When they come to me with a problem, do I let them offer solutions, or do I jump in with my own solutions?

2. When I come up with a solution do I find a way to educate them on my thinking process that resulted in that solution, or simply tell them what the solution is?

3. If they come up with a bad solution to a problem, do I give them credit for self initiative or do I penalize them for making a mistake?

4. Do I give them clear parameters so they can weigh decisions on their own, or am I constantly changing the rules of the game so it is hard for them to make decisions?

5. Do I jump in and try to solve problems within the team, or do I bring two people together and help them work through the problem themselves?

6. Do I reward people for taking action, even if I disagree with the action taken, or do I act disgusted that they did not make the correct choice?

You will also find out in our Presentation Skills Training that far too many leaders want people to be empowered only if it means they will do exactly what the leader would do. As a leader, your role is to teach them how you think, not to just teach them what to do. When you teach them how you think, you help them be what they need to be instead of simply teaching them how to behave. Behaviors come and go but beliefs are more lasting. Focus on the beliefs and thought patterns, and the behavior will naturally follow.

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