Okay, seems a weird topic for Strategic Communication but it is actually very relevant as you will see in a minute.

Pierre Reverdy says “There is no love; there are only proofs of love.”  Gretchen Rubin author of The Happiness Project interpreted it as “whatever love I might feel in my heart, others will see only in my actions.”

I think when you are a true strategic communicator you realize there are only proofs of your character, principles, values, and thoughts and those proofs are seen in your actions.

As a leader this means you really need to examine any actions you dislike on your team and ask yourself if they are proofs of things you are projecting out to the team.  I can’t tell you how many times I hear corporate leaders complain that their staff isn’t doing what they need them to do.  Yet when training is scheduled the leaders let people cancel out and not attend.  The real message the team gets is “you are not interested in developing me, you are only interested in having me do what you need when you need it.”  And thus, the vicious cycle of disappointment circles on both sides.

Take today to really watch yourself and see what are the “proofs” you leave behind.  Are they valuable nuggets that others want to reach out, touch and aspire to? Or are they little nuggets like a rabbit might leave behind that has you pulling back saying “wait those aren’t raisins!”

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