Let’s imagine a different scenario. You are presenting to your management team why they ought to fund your new project. You should begin by clearly telling them what to expect out of the meeting with you. You might say something like, “If our company is to reach its projected profitability, then we need to look at whether our website is hurting or helping us. I believe that our current website is actually hurting our business and I’ll share with you today why we need to invest in a brand-new website.”

At the close, because you’ve had in-depth interaction with them throughout the presentation, you should recap the key buy buttons you saw the group latch on to and then say, “Looking at the four reasons I just gave, it sounds like we are all in consensus that we need to go ahead and tackle a new website. If we can just sign off today on the new plan for the $150,000, I can get started on it immediately.”

What this close allows you to do is to get your project immediately approved. It also ensures that all objections are raised right now at the table, instead of after you leave the room. Therefore, you now have the advantage of being present to handle any objections.

And the best part is that you’re going to use their logic and their reasons for the new website to combat any objections.

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