Persistence, Power & the Plan of Plenty!

The other day my husband said he was hungry. I went on to list six different meal options all of which he turned his nose up because they just weren’t right.  They weren’t what he was wanting. Finally he laughed and said, “I know, I know I’m being picky.”

Let’s relate this to the current  job situation.  Just today they had news that the unemployment rate of 16-24 year olds is at 21% in the area I live in.  Sounds dismal, doesn’t it? I wonder if is as bad as they say or are we pickier today than we were in the past?

Remember when you would get a job at McDonald’s or the local drugstore at minimum wage?  When you graduated from school expecting a million rejection letters before you would land a job?

Now I am not saying there isn’t a job shortage, clearly there is.  But I do wonder if jobs that would have been taken in the past are now “beneath” our expectations. 

I think it is an opportunity for persistence. I remember graduating in the Reagan era when unemployment was even higher than it is today.  Yes, we got rejection notices.  We would all laugh about how we could paper our first kids room just with the “thanks, but no thanks” rejection letters.

This new phenomenon has prompted me to put together an entire Interviewing System adapted for people straight out of school all the way to professionals.