If you aren’t liking how you react in certain situations, there is a way to change that.

You see your brain stores your values and beliefs in its hippocampus. These values and beliefs come from events in your life that your brain now holds as the golden rule of how to react and respond if something similar happens again.

The bad thing?

This means that you are responding in the present based, not on what is happening in the present, but on how you view it through your past experience lens.

To break that pattern you want to figure out what is holding you captive and then “rewrite” how your hippocampus sees that event and how you should react to it.

I had one client who worked in a copy for 26 years with a spotless record. Then he suddenly had night sweats, was nervous in meetings, and couldn’t make decisions. Neither he nor the CEO knows what was happening.

Once we figured out the hippocampus story from the past that was holding him captive, he was able to soar again. (It was the fact that at 50 years old his Dad had lost his executive job and this leader was now turning 50).

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