Negotiations cause our brain to automatically try to protect our world and our hot button. This causes you to shut down your listening and creative thinking. With Outcome Thinking® you  learn a new way to unleash that energy proactively so you are more innovative, creative and a stronger partner.

Make sure of a few things up front.  What is and is not negotiable?  DON’T give the person a choice if there is not really one. 

Do not piecemeal your negotiation.

Look at the long term.

Avoid Yes/No questions. Ask open ended questions such as “On a scale from one to ten…”

Most people negotiate too far back when there is no initial buy in.

Do biggest negotiation item first.

Remember negotiating isn’t about winning, it is about reaching an outcome that propels you forward!  Use it as a time to build a relationship with the other person.  Even the most stubborn negotiator likes to feel listened to and respected.

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