John Hopkins Carey Business School in Baltimore just did a study that showed that people with a trusting nature tend to come out with the best outcomes when negotiating.


Because their trusting nature leads them to think and assume the best of others.  Thus their body language, word choices and ways of thinking focus on the opportunities rather than on counterproductive behaviors that have both sides doing a protective dance rather than a collaborative dance.

I point this out because how you THINK is imperative to how you ACT.  The one superceeds the other.  Outcome Thinking is all about how to change the way you think so that you see opportunities where others see barriers and your energy is always on making things happen.

Next time you go into a negotiation start with the assumption that the other party wants a fair and equitable solution.  Then watch how your brain shifts to thinking about how to make that happen rather than focusing on how to STOP them from stripping power from you.  Turn your negotiations around so they are building blocks, not stumbling blocks.

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