Sometimes the hardest thing to know is which bridges you need to cross and which ones you need to burn. As you know from our conversations on intentions you have an energy that you carry around you.  You want to be around people who have energy fields that will support you, help you, grow you and nourish you.  These are the people telling you anything is possible.  They are also the people that make you face reality when you need a nudge in the right direction.  They don’t dash dreams or hopes but they do hold you accountable for making your own dreams come true.

As you go to start the new year, take stock of all the people in your life.  Look at which ones add energy to your life and which ones drain you.  If there is someone that you are working with, living with, or associating with that is negative look at either burning that bridge or building a new bridge to change the relationship.  Look at what you may be doing that causes that relationship to be negative.  Change what you can about yourself and perhaps that relationship will flip from negative to positive.

If the person is just toxic, you may need to just let go.  It won’t be easy to do but it is better than holding in gathering their stress on to yourself.

First and foremost cross all the bridges you can to change those relationships and then, if they can’t change, let go and move on.  This is your year, I feel it!

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