Before you even begin to negotiate you need to plan.  If you know in advance that you are going in for a job interview or a raise you might have a lot of time to plan.  But there are other times where this planning will need to happen in a split second because you won’t be prepared to negotiate at the time the other party approaches you.  The following strategies work whether you have days or only minutes to prepare and can move you from being positional in your negotiating to being Outcome Focused®.

The first step in planning is to run quickly through these seven questions:

  • What outcome/result do I want?
  • Why should they want this outcome/result?
  • How can I tie this to their objectives and goals?
  • What objections might they raise?
  • How can I turn these in to benefits?
  • What are their hot buttons?  (close on these)
  • What makes them feel good about the company and themselves?

If you quickly run through these questions you will be more prepared to see things from the other person’s point of view.  You will focus on how they would benefit from the outcome you desire rather than why they should give you the outcome you desire.

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