60 seconds is not a long time.  Yet that is all it takes for a customer to gain a quick perception of you. If we know it only takes that amount of time, why don’t we manage that time better?  What can you do to make the most impact possible in the shortest amount of time?  What can you do to make your employees embrace making a positive impact?

Just do three easy steps:

Step One: Managing the visual perception. Don’t make the mistake of dressing like your customer.  Instead dress for how you want the customer to view you.

Step Two: Managing How a Person Hears Your Message. Always keep in mind that there are four distinct communication styles and you can never step on the hot button of any or you will stop the other person from listening to you.

Step Three: Phrase Your Message to Shatter Barriers. The next thing you need to do is look at the messages you send to employees and customers.

Pulling it together
When you pull these three elements together you can create powerful teams that focus on the customer.  If you use these steps and you allow your people to tell you how to manage them, you will find that your employees become empowered. They will treat the customers the same way they feel you treat them—which will be like gold.