Wouldn’t it be nice if you could say something once and everyone acted in accordance with it?

One of the most difficult things as a leader is to create strong simple messages that DRIVE the behavior you desire.

In order to to do that you need to create messages that are:

 1)  Easy to remember
 2) Automatically correct behavior
 3) Shatter beliefs that don’t align with the desired action

My daughters both play basketball.  Coach Carr wants the girls to play hard, be committed and to listen to their coaches.  Of course there are several things that get in the way- hormones, believes the coach isn’t being fair, frustrations or feelings from the parents, parents trying to coach the girls from the sidelines, coaches having to fend off parents, etc..  There is a myriad of emotions and behavior that need to be dealt with.

So the question becomes how do you get the coaches, players and parents to all be at their best behavior, support each other and truly listen to each other?

Coach Carr solved this by having THREE simple rules he asks all to follow:

  1. Coaches Coach
  2. Players Play
  3. Parents Cheer

Those three simple line ups tell all THREE exactly the conduct, thinking and interaction they should have.

Brilliant in its simplicity.

Keep your message simple so people can align with it.

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