Write down what your number 1 priority is in your life and your number 1 priority at work.

Seriously, take a moment to write it down as it becomes fixed in your brain then.

Now look at what you wrote down and reflect on what you do on a day to day basis. Are you living your priorities?

LeAnn Thieman said, “Your priorities aren’t what you state them to be; they’re how you’re spending your time.” Look at your daily and monthly schedules. Are you living your priorities?

So I took time to take stock on what I say my priorities are and what my actions say they are…and sadly they weren’t correlating at this time! I found that I would say family was a priority but then I have been coming home from work, making dinner and just collapsing with a book or watching TV.  I said clients were a priority but I wasn’t just calling them up to chat and see how they lives were. I was calling them for focused business discussions.

So I am going to commit to doing more playing with my family-biking, golfing and cooking together. Maybe plan some more camping trips. With clients I am going to call and just chat and reconnect as I always love hearing what is going on with their lives.

TAKE ACTION: So take a moment to look at your priorities. Are your actions supporting what you say or making a mockery of your priorities?

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