My Grandpa is 96 years old.

Just imagine in his lifetime what he has lived through.

He has lived through the first cars. He saw when America was the number one car seller to having America displaced by foreign cars.

He has lived through World War II, Vietnam and Desert Storm. So he has seen how the news covered and delivered updates on the war after the fact and then Desert Storm when we were right there with the troops

He has lived through the small Mom and Pop grocery stores to the big chains we have today.

He has lived through the traditional “treat a woman like a lady” to the women’s movement “I can get my own door, thank you.”

He has seen the telephone go from being a clunky desk object to being a cell phone you put in your pocket.

He saw Kodak almost disappear as we went from film to digital prints.

He saw games move from board games to electronic pong to the Wii.

He has been resilient. He has had to change continuously. Never once have I seen him complain about the changes or regress to saying what they had was better.

No, instead he says, “Will you look at that? Isn’t that amazing?”

You see resilience is attitude. What is your attitude?