Goals are limiting.  I know that line is shocking to think about or even digest because goals are every where.  We are constantly besieged with how we need to write goals out in order to be successful.

But there is also a reason that almost every New Year’s Eve Resolution (goal) is dead in the water by March.

So what can you do to achieve more if not goals?

The most important thing you can do is maximize the use of your mind.  Each time you stretch the way you think, you stretch your ability to achieve something new.   When you stretch to the next level you never land back in the same spot you were before.

Hugh Jackson, in a recent article said,In this country, people are all about setting goals…but we limit ourselves with goals. We have far more ability than we give ourselves credit for. How can you maximize the use of your mind? You see that in people under pressure.”

So how powerful is the mind really on achievement? 

In one study they had basketball players shoot free throws so they could see how many times on average each player was able to get the ball in the hoop.  Then they broke them in to two camps.  One camp practiced free throws over and over with a basketball and the other group just visualized the free throw shot with the ball going in hoop.  They then brought both teams out to see if they had improved their basketball shots.  They found that the group that just visualized the ball going in actually IMPROVED their accuracy and shots then the team that actually shot the basketball.

What they discovered is that when you visualize something happen you actually get all your muscles in movement with that visualization.

So for this next week, stretch your thinking.  Read some new books, study something on the Internet, or step out of your comfort zone by speaking up more  Push the limits on what you think you can do so you can see how much you can really accomplish.  You may just be surprised.

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