As a leader your job is to continually coach and mentor those around you so they can grow in their performance.  This can be really tough to do, especially if your team, just had a dismal quarter.

John Maxwell was sharing a story about a basketball coach that, during half time, put up three columns on a white board in order to help the team turn around their performance.  Those three columns hadDid Right – Did Wrong – Will Change- just six words.

Notice how different that would bring your mind if you knew you would build on what was right, analyze what went wrong and then looked at what you would change to make things different.

So why not do that in your business?  Why stay in a rut? Why allow people to wallow in misery?

Those three columns create hope because:

  • They don’t focus on the past; they learn from the past
  • They don’t defend what went wrong; they look at what to change
  • They don’t inject blame; they assume the power to make things happen


At your next team meeting use the three columns to change how you all view a project, process or client.  Create hope for a next quarter that is off the charts.

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