Are you a Legacy Leader or a Doer Leader?  You might be wondering, what is the difference?

A doer leader is one who is great at building programs, rallying troops and making things happen.  In other words, they seem to be exactly what you need because they get things done.  The problem is that once they lead everything slides back to the way it was.  They were really a leader that gathered a tactical team of workers around them to make things happen but they DIDN’T build leaders that could SUSTAIN the projects once the Doer Leader left.

Most family wealth has a Doer Leader at the head.  It is why that by the fifth generation most wealth acquired by the first generation is lost.  The first generation forgets to TEACH and build LEADERS under them so that the legacy continues on.

Here are two things you can do to ensure you are a Legacy Leader:

1. When you start projects create some champions that carry it on WITHOUT you.  Help them develop the leadership traits they need to build a competent team that can run things smoothly.

2. Start teaching your High Potential Leaders THINKING, not doing lessons.  The big mistake that I see most SLT groups make is they stop teaching the THINKING and instead start evaluating only on the doing.  Essentially this creates a big chasm between those at the top and the next level of leaders because the next level of leaders is always trying to “please” the SLT rather than learn, grow and stretch with the SLT.

Take Action:  Next time someone steps in to your office, stop yourself from telling them what to do and instead teach them the “why” behind what you say so they can start to catch on and build on your thinking pattern.  This moves them from being a parrot.

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