Eric Clapton has remained an icon in the music industry for years.  In debates on who is the “greatest guitarist of all time” and Clapton’s name is one that constantly comes up.

So what lesson as leaders can we learn from Clapton about staying power? About what makes you great? And what makes you the top in your field?

It is interesting to note, that even though Eric has done of the truly legendary guitar pieces, he is also one of the greatest collaborators of all time.  He has collaborated with B.B. King, Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, J.J. Cale, Wynton Marsalis, Steve Winwood, Duane Allman, Jeff Beck, George Harrison, Leon Russell, Stephen Stills, Roger Waters, Tina Turner, Frank Zappa, Elton John and Sheryl Crow.  Wow what a list!

As a leader, who have you collaborated with lately?  Do you run in a silo or do you get your team to spread their wings and join up with other teams? Do you hide your weakness or do you partner up with others who may be an asset to your weakness?

Ken Blanchard is a great collaborator.  When you look at his books almost all of them have been co-authored.

When you collaborate you are more creative, more productive and usually better at overcoming barriers since you have more than just you committed to the deadline.

Take Action- Look at three projects that you could collaborate on and then seek out those individuals to move past good to greatness.

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