Self evaluating is one of the trickiest things to do.  It is a documented fact that you have a hard time truly knowing how you are performing and that you usually over estimate your abilities.

As a leader it is vital that you truly know what are your strengths and weaknesses so you can continue to improve your performance. The more you improve you, the more you improve your team.

So here is a quick was to check how you are doing:

1.  Ask your team to send you an email stating two things you do that make it easier for them to perform their job.  These show you what are your real strengths in the eyes of your employees. Then ask them for two things you could do that would help them perform at an even higher level, these are the weaknesses you need to work on.  If employees write that you could give them more heads up, what they are really saying is you need more concrete direction and consistency, this means you need to do more planning.

2. Commit to changes you will make based on group feed back.  Let them  know what they are and ask them to let you know how they are doing.  Once they see you are committed to constant improvement that means you can hold them accountable for constant improvement as well.

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