Classy, Elegant and Authentic.

Those words all describe Taylor Swift.  Even under pressure this young star acts with grace.  Remember when Kanye West crashed the VMA stage during Taylor Swift’s speech to say that Beyonce should have received the award?  A horrible moment for anyone of any age but much harder to handle when you are a  teenager.  Yet Taylor Swift kept her head high and remained poised.  Even afterwards she didn’t say anything slanderous or mean about Kanye.

Now contrast that with the more boisterous Kim Kardashian.  You know exactly where she stands on every item as she rather loudly declares it.  On the one hand her openness is refreshing but on the other hand it is often overbearing.  Her statements are often laced with a large dose of “me” and judgement-two things that will come back negatively if she ever falls from grace.

So which kind of leader are you?  Do you know how to give your thoughts and opinions without judgement?  Do you know how to gracefully handle tough situations? Do people admire or fear you?

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