“A bad day for your ego is a good day for your soul.”  Jillian Michaels.

When is the last time your ego had a check?  Failure is not something we crave in any way.  Matter of fact, I find most management teams work so hard to avoid failure that they end up not taking the right risks which results ultimately in….failure.

I love Jillian’s comment because whenever we ask executives what are their defining moments, ultimately what comes out is the times that they were challenged the most.  It is their failures and how they handled them that defines them, not their successes.

So take a moment right now to right down some of your failures- what you learned from them and how that shapes what you do today.  Note which ones are propelling you forward and which ones define you by HOLDING you back!  For example, when you bombed at your first speaking engagement in grade school did you decide to never speak up again or did you tackle learning how to present well so it wouldn’t happen again?

You will be surprised at which ones really have moved your forward and which ones you have allowed to keep you prisoner.

Then take the ones holding you prisoner and look at- what can I do to change this?  why am I invested in keeping this one (often they give you comfort even though they actually are hurting you.)

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