We all like to be part of an inclusive and exclusive club. We like to get deals.  We like to be remembered.

I am continually amazed how clients answer this questions when we pose it to them, “How are you keeping in touch with your clients?”  Most do the “deal” and then they forget about the client until it is time for contract renewal.  If you are the customer, does that make you feel special? Or do you feel like a coin machine and they want more money from you?

Consider starting a special grouping for clients.  We mail a gift, article or some “touch” piece every 6-8 weeks to our clients.  These are NEVER solicitations for business or to try to sell them new products or services.

The sole purpose of these mailings is to let our clients know that we care about them, remember them and want to continue to add support to their business whether they are actively doing business with us right now or not.  We send out things that will be relevant to them, not us.  For example, we sent out the book Chasing Daylight to all the executives because it was a good reminder of the legacy you are leaving.  We knew how many were under great stress with the economy and how easy it is to lose sight of the life legacy you are trying to leave.  So it reminded them to take a breath, relax and put things in perspective.

The funny thing is that in you remembering them, they remember you.  They call to just chat, to share what is happening with their team and often to suggest a way we can work together again.

So don’t forget your customers.  They aren’t a name on a contract but rather a person. Remember and honor that person at all times and the old saying, “What goes around, comes around” will come true for you!

TAKE ACTION:  Start your own client touch list and send out gifts to them.  Make sure they are relevant to the client and in no way, shape or form do they ask them to do business with you.  The purpose of this is just to let them know you remember them and that you are there to add value to them.


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