Remember riding a bicycle when you were young?  I remember giving people rides on the handlebars and the exhilarating feeling of going no handed.  We didn’t wear a helmet, who even thought about those back then? What daredevils we thought we were!

Today I ride with both hands on the handlebars and a helmet on my head–the ultimate in safety.

If you think that riding no handed or going in to a protected skate park and doing stunts on your bike is something, check out  This video will show you two German girls doing almost ballet with bicycles.

They defy gravity and make riding without holding on to the handlebars something preschoolers do.  It got me to thinking about what other things in life do we limit the usage on based on our experience.  I mean I never would have thought of doing acrobatics or ballet on a two wheel bicycle- a unicycle maybe, but not a regular bike.

If I had been asked to do what they did, I would have complained that I don’t have the right tools.  That I could do it IF I had a unicycle.  Or IF I had the right partner. Or IF I had the proper training.

The proverbial IF would have popped up lots of times as my excuse.  The reality is they are doing it.  So what I have to rethink is not the “is it possible” but my own “ifs” that keep me from doing it.

What IF’s are keeping you from achieving?  Do you say you would have more sales IF you had a better territory? IF the economy was doing better? IF your sales manager took more time with you?

Do you say you would have a stronger team IF they just would do what was asked of them? IF they could think more critically? IF they could be more collaborative?

Instead of using IF turn it in to a HOW.  How could I do this with what I have?  How could I get what I need? How can I make it happen?

Today is your day, to do amazing things that shock even you.  Stretch to that next level and your team and your clients will stretch with you.