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Paula Deen was 42 years old when she sat back and took stock of her life.  She had spent over 20 years of her life living with agoraphobia- the fear of open spaces.  What that means is she would panic when she had to leave her house.

She in her “exile” with agoraphobia she became really connected with her kitchen.  When she found herself without a husband and with kids to raise at 42 years old she had to take stock and retake control of her life.  She knew she was good at cooking so she started there.  Today she runs a cooking show on TV,  and has several cookbooks to her name.

So, kind of takes the wind out of your sails when you look at all the excuses you may be giving on why you are or aren’t leading the way you want.  Here is a woman that could have let her fears, her age, and her inabilities hold her back but instead she plowed right through them.  She determined that NO ONE was going to control her life and that she wasn’t going to wait  for SOMEONE to rescue her.

In today’s economy I see many people “holding on” or waiting for someone to rescue them.  It is time to look in the mirror and take leadership over the one person you absolutely can command- YOU.

Determine today, who you want to be, what you want to be and then look at what skills you need to make it happen.  Attitude is what is the biggest driver between those who lead successfully  and those who fail.  When I have people ask me what they can do to secure their job,  I tell them, “believe you are dispensable and you will become indispensable.  Believe you are indispensable and you will quickly become dispensable.”

See the only difference between the two is ATTITUDE.  If you believe you are dispensible you will work hard to be at the top of your game, give it your all, and work well with others.  When you believe you are indispensible you become lazy, want to fly solo, and give when it is convenient to do so.

For today, give it your all.

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