Develop Your Leaders:

As I look outside I see nature preparing for its next round.  All the leaves are turning color, falling off and getting ready for good old Winter.  It amazes me how Mother Nature does this every year but we rarely do.  We cling to outdated beliefs, ways of doing things, and processes that no longer serve their purpose.

You don’t see a tree saying, “wait, this is my best season of color ever.  Just leave me be and I will hold my color for next season.”  No it expects to shed and start all over the next season.

You don’t see the mighty oak saying “I am done with this change and learning process.  I have arrived so now all the leaf changing is for those who are under me.”  No it still sheds each year.

So ask yourself, what you can learn from nature.  What do you need to shed?  What practices do you need to take on?  What do you need to learn to move to the next level?  And, if you are an executive, are you still out there shedding and learning so your team knows that leadership is a way of thinking, not a position you arrive at?

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May you continue to grow and stretch in your own seasons of life!