A study at the University of California, Berkeley shows that knowledge is doubling every 18 months!  That means what you know today may be obsolete tomorrow.

So, how do you increase the quality of your output without driving yourself crazy?

There is one constant force that you can use to improve what you do, when you do it, and how you do it.  That constant force is your brain.

Did you know that your brain has a small area called your working memory.  Think of this small spot as being able to hold a glass of water while your entire brain can hold an ocean of information.  You can see the problem you run in to as you try to deplete that small working space of information so you can put the next information in and process it.  The more companies move at lightening speed the more important it becomes that you empty out your working memory frequently while at the same time you learn how to expand it.

Think of your working memory like a chip in your cell phone. If that chip is small you will only be able to download a few apps and then the whole system will run sluggish.  When your working memory gets overloaded it crashes just like your cell phone would. It stops transferring new learning or processes back into your vast ocean of long-term thinking but instead just tosses it out like garbage.

Things that stretch your working memory:

1. Memorizing games

2. Crossword puzzles or soduko

3. Read the newspaper and try to relate different stories and news around the world to events going on at your work.

4. Take time to review different projects on your plate and to see if there are correlations between them.

5. Challenge your brain by doing things out of your normal order- drive a different way to work, play different music, eat at a different restaurant or take a different seat in a meeting.  Essentially you are challenging your brain to “stay awake” and notice what is different.

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