On the TV Show Cougar Town, the Mom, played by Courteney Cox-Arquette, was asking her ex-husband if he and his son got to say a proper good bye before the son left for college.  His response was, “We had one of those man talks, where everything is said and no one has spoken.” Which was then coined by Cox-Arquette’s character, as a “nonversation.”

That is a great example of a duality.  How can everything be said when nothing has been spoken?  But I bet many of you are nodding your heads saying, “yea I have had those kind of moments with my good friends or significant other. I know exactly what he is talking about.”

Dualities cause your brain to stop and really ponder the top opposite things and the connectedness between them.  Because of this they make for great openings for presentations or discussions as they engage your brain at a whole different level.  Suddenly your right and left side of the brain are trying to reconcile what they are hearing.

For this next week:  Keep your eyes open for duality statements.  See how they land in your brain and how they cause you to think. Find out more about Outcome Thinking® at: www.impressionmanagement.com.  This week I will be giving you more examples of this idea.  By the way, send us the ones that you hear and we will incorporate some of those as well!!