The power in evaluating your thinking is not in just looking at a situation and understand what happened.  The power is in distilling WHY it happened and what you can do next to time to ensure different results.

I can’t tell you how many teams I see go through what they call a “debrief” process and it is really only a “here is what happened” dialogue that doesn’t result in a change of thinking or a change of doing.

So if you are going to Debrief using Outcome Thinking® Training you need to make sure you have a solid system that causes people to do the following:

  1. Analyze what happened and why
  2. Really look at pinpointing the ROOT of the problem not the symptom
  3. Think about what caused you or the other party to act the way you did
  4. What can you do differently next time in order to get different results and why do you think that will work

Once you get your entire team used to Debriefing they stop being defensive about mistakes.  I have found if you operate under a “no mistakes” culture you end up with a lot of tactical people.  If you operate under a “no surprises” culture you end up with more Critical Thinkers who challenge the status quo.

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