You are what you eat.  Do you remember hearing that over and over again in elementary school?  I even remember the posters they used to have up.

As a society we aren’t great about eating in a way that promotes healthy brain development.

There are certain foods that promote, energize, and enrich your brain power.  Those are the foods you want to get so you can think faster and better on the spot.

The Mediterranean diet- whole grains, fresh produce, olive oil, fish and some nuts- is rich in flavonoids according to Drs. Mehmet Oz and Mike Roizen.  These healthy fats help controll blood pressure.  Here is what I found fascinating- this style of eating cuts the risk for early thinking problems by a whopping 28%!!

Fresh veggies and fruit are also brain foods.  IN a study of 1,640 elderly women and men, those who ate the most produce had the least decline in brain functioning after 10 years!  They also noted that coffee, tea, wine and chocolate are flavonoid rich as well so also good for the brain.  Hmm.. must be why Leonardo da Vinci always had his wine!

Take Action For Today:

Make sure you eat a healthy balanced diet for this whole week.  See what impact it has on your energy, your thinking, and your sleep!