Leonardo da Vinci is a rare breed of  perfect mixture of high IQ and EQ.  This unique combination gave him a place in the world that is revered by many.

Leonardo had the unique combination of high mathematical and scientific reasoning (logic) along with high artistic skills which showed up in painting, sculpting and music.  What is most interesting about him, is that he did not let the one skill LIMIT the other thinking but instead used it to ENHANCE his other skills.

For example, in painting he wanted to get better at drawing the human form so he used his scientific side to study and dissect corpses so he could more appropriately draw them.  In architecture he used his highly artistic and creative side to see how to let new light in or design things in unique ways.

When my family toured his home town in Italy we were amazed at how many of his designs, created 500 years ago, work today.  He invented baby carriages, war machines, automatic fireplace log fillers so the fire would never die, the parachute, and so many more.

My point is that logic and creativity are not meant to be exclusive and the power comes in the COMBINATION.  Yet most of us revere one or the other and don’t work to bring them together.

Take Action Today: If you are highly analytical, try working on the creative side of you and see what you can do when you bring that side in to solving problems.  If you are highly creative see what happens when you start looking scientifically or mathematically at a problem.  What new things pop up?