If you haven’t watched video The Boys of Fall by Kenny Chesney, take a moment on Youtube to check it out.  I had listened to the song without really hearing the words and thought it was a song about the war.  Then my husband told me how Kenny went out to film Brett Favre and how once the film came back, Brett said it brought a tear to his eye.

So today I pulled it up and watched it. I really listened to the words and wondered how I could ever have misconstrued it to think it was about the war.

The song is entirely about playing with the enthusiasm that “this will be your last play”- the last time you ever will put on your uniform and the last time you will play in front of the crowd.  It is about putting all you have on the line for the team.

I often wonder if work groups would be different if we approached things with that same enthusiasm.  If you thought every deal you went in to was the one that could make the difference.  If you treated every client as though they were the cherished fans who yell for you every Friday night.  If you saw business problems as plays on the field that need to be executed with precision and won by the team not by a solo player. If you saw that when you let one player through or one mistake you let the entire team down and you owned that accountability.

If you could go home at the end of the night and say, “regardless of what the scoreboard said, I gave it my all.”

Here is your Take Action:

Give it your all today.  Pitch in a help someone else out.  Bring someone in the loop you normally haven’t.  Rally the group up and pump up morale.  Do something nice for someone else.

Just make it a day that when your head hits the pillow you can say, “I gave it my all.”