Your brain is the most interesting tool you own.  It can expand or contact depending on how you utilize it.

What most people don’t realize is that the best way to EXPAND your brain is to actually try things BEYOND your abilities so you FAIL.  See when you fail, your dopamine receptors try to figure out why you failed.  It actually stretches and tries to grow at this point. When you only do things perfectly your brain remains in a tight box that actually limits your ability to see things from a unique perspective.

In order to make your brain grow and stretch from failing the following must take place:

1. You must be able to clearly debrief what worked and what didn’t work without emotionally beating yourself up.

2. You need to get your value, not from being perfect or right, but from stretching and growing.

3. You need a sense of humility to balance things for you as you go through struggles.

4. You need to write down what you learn and how you will apply it so you don’t make the same mistakes over but instead stretch in to new territory.

Keep stretching and growing.  You can see why with this philosophy speaking in public or taking on a tough work assignment become less scary and more alluring!