When Clay Walker was just 17 he decied he wanted to put everything in to pursuing his dream of becoming a country music star.

In just 5 years he skyrocketed to being a star.  So what made him so successful at making it when so many fail?

Clay didn’t just set the goal to becoming a country western star. He actually got a day planner and put together a five year plan of the steps he would take achieve it.   He says, “I mapped out precisely how I would get to the release of my first album, right down to the kinds of clothes my band would wear.”  According to Success Magazine, he even went over the ratio of original music to cover tunes they would play , the types of venues where they would perform and how they would progress over time.

Clay didn’t just say he wanted to be a star and start playing in venues “hoping” to be discovered.  He put a plan into action and acted on that plan.  His mother still has the planner!

Here is the freaky part- every thing happened almost exactly as he had it in the planner.

So did success just happen or did Clay put the thought in to make it happen?

Take Action:

Look at the goals you are trying to reach.  Make sure you have concrete steps in place to make them happen.  Don’t leave anything to chance.

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Thinking at the Speed of Light: Two critical ingredients you need to succeed!