Think It Through using Outcome Thinking®

Again we had two answers that work here.  One is stars (come at night but disappear in the day) and dreams.

Dreams are a wonderful source of insights in to your unconscious brain.  Matter-of-fact in Executive Coaching we will show people how to use their full unconscious brain to solve weighty problems that are on their desk.

Here is a quick version you can try for yourself:

1. At night think about the problem you are facing.  Just say “I am going to let this go and let you (your brain) come up with some unique solutions.”

2. At that point stop thinking or dwelling on it.

3. In the morning, before you get out of bed, write down all you remember from your dreams.  Then look to see if there is a solution there.

We had one client that was wrestling with a large logistics problem.  The Executive went to bed that night and woke up having thought of this weird bird that kept changing in the sky.  Then it hit her that the message was she needed to morph and change aspects of the project so it would work.  Her team got right on it and within two hours they had the solution they had wrestled with for a week!

Riddle for the Day:

Until I am measured, I am not known. Yet how you miss me, when I have flown! What am I?