Think It Through using Outcome Thinking®

My brain, like many of yours, went right to the woman’s marital status.  I locked so tightly in to “that’s impossible” that I didn’t get the answer to this one.  The answer is it is her job- she is the Justice of the Peace or a Minister.  So then I got to thinking, did I block it because I only thought of the status or did I block it because I didn’t immediately consisder that as a job for her?  Now the second one is more unnerving because that means I have to examine if I have bias or prejudices I didn’t think I had at all.  After all, I even have a minor in Women’s Studies in college.

What did you find about yourself as you looked at this riddle?  Did your brain move to job or just stick with martial status?  May you have some bias that you didn’t realize you had?

So just for today, what are some bias or prejudices that you could suspend or even challenge yourself on?  How can you change them or expose yourself to situations that would allow you to change them?

Here is your riddle for the day:

If there are 5 apples on the counter and you take away 2, how many do you have?