Today we are seeing a ripple effect in our economy.  A person that would normally fix up their house is sitting tight.  This in turn impacts the business that Home Depot and Lowes did with” fix it” people.  So Home Depot and Lowes buy less from their suppliers.  The suppliers need to lower staff in order to make ends meet.  Staff can’t find jobs so they start to hold on to their money and hence the cycle repeats.

You also see this cycle in our school systems.  Classroom sizes grew from15-18 kids 20 years ago to 30 kids today. With the extra students the teacher can no longer grade each individual paper. Now kids grade many of their own papers which does two things-one, pulls time away from learning something new and two) how do you know the child accurately graded the person’s paper? Since the papers aren’t graded by the teacher some kids have learned it doesn’t matter so much what the answer is.  They have also learned that they won’t be corrected on HOW their answer was written. So they are no longer learning the punctuation and the proper writing skills that automatically happened when the teacher methodically corrected your paper. This leads to poor writing skills as they mature through the school system.

So here is your question, what is the ripple effect in your organization?

What is not happening the way you want it to and what possible causes can you trace back?  Find another of my blogs that share the Ripple Effect looking at New York City.