We have a tendency to see negative feedback as a bad thing.  After all, who wants to be dumped by the person they are dating? Who wants a prospect to tell them no? Who wants to lose out on a promotion?

We would all raise our hands and say, “Not me!’  After reading this blog you may reverse your thoughts and say, ” I do!”

You see negative feedback is not bad, we just think it is bad.  The reason we think it is bad is because we are so busy trying to protect ourselves that any thing that hurts us we try to avoid.

In reality negative feedback is the most important information you can ever receive.  It is the time when people are giving you a glimpse into what is stopping you from achieving greatness.  It is the  key you must use to unlock all the good in you.

So here is your TAKE ACTION:

Go in and ask your boss, “If you were to improve three things in me that would make me really stand out for you, what would they be?”

Your boss will love the chance to give you feedback on your terms rather than waiting for your review.

Go ask customers, “If we were to improve how we service your account what would be different?”  Let them expand on ways you can ace out the competition.

You do this often enough and people will see you as someone who loves to stretch, grow and expand their horizons.

Start Now!

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