Once you start thinking like your audience, it becomes relatively easy to anticipate objections they may have. Don’t try to defend your position or to argue against your audience. That’s the surest way to a mutiny!

So instead of arguing, agree with your audience and then move it in the direction you want to go. Just make sure that you don’t say “no” as the first word out of your mouth.

Imagine that you are speaking to a prospect and he says, “This seems awfully expensive compared to other processes we’ve looked at.”

Improper responses to this statement would include:

“I think once you have seen the value we have to offer you won’t say that.”

“It really isn’t expensive if you look at everything we give you with it.”

Proper responses include:

“It can look expensive compared to other processes, but if you peel back the layers you can see the difference between their process and ours.”

“Many of our best clients thought the same thing when we first met with them. Why should ours cost $300 more? But to really answer that question, we need to closely examine the differences between the two processes.”

Notice how my last two responses I went with the audience and then moved them in my direction.