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Flipping through a People Magazine the other day I started thinking about our obsession with celebrities and top business performers.  We seem to be sponges trying to get more and more of them.  Why?  What is it about them that we find so attractive?

I think a large part of it is that we believe they have it all.  We think, if I just had what they had life would be great.  We are looking for that “fix” that makes life perfect.

So is money that fix?  Yes and no.  Yes because they have found that couples that earn over $70,000 a year tend to be happier than those who don’t.  Why? they believe it is because they don’t have the worries that others may have about vacation, college, and family lifestyle.  Here is what is most interesting- they found that earning over $70,000 a year didn’t make a person any happier.  In other words, if you made $70,000 you were just as happy as a person who made $500,000.

So what is it that we are charging after?  What makes us want it all?

I finally realized that for me, the “having it all” came back to “then I would relax and be able to do more of what I want to do.”  So I decided to just start doing that- having it all now rather than later.

So now I am creating each day the day I want and living it out.  I will let you know in a month how it goes.  Try creating this month the life you want each day- see what it does for you mentally, spiritually, and physically to have that balance on a daily basis.  Then write us back and let us know what happened as you start doing this.  I am expecting to be happier, more balanced, and more insightful because I will be taking more “pauses” in life.

Live today with gusto!  Stop “wanting it all” and instead start “being the all” and see what happens.

Oh, and don’t let the weather dictate your mood.  It’s SNOWING and it’s Spring!  Obnoxious.  Where is our sun??
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