Did you know that over 76% of all EMPLOYED today, say they will switch jobs in 2011 if the right opportunity opened up.  That is staggering.  That means 3/4 of your workforce is staying with you because they HAVE TO, not because they WANT TO.

So how do you change that?  This is the time to ensure you have the right people in the right spots to execute the right results.  Right now is the time you should be having candid talks about what is on the horizon, what training that person needs to move forward, and what you can do to help make their job even better.

Stress is one of those horrible things that tends to ripple down.  When, as a leader, you are stressed out you tend to walk around with a tight face, constricted shoulders, and a heaviness in your step.  The team sees this day in and day out and it wears on them.  Look at how you handle stress, do you start demanding results you weren’t before?  Are you more accusatory?

This is the time to create compelling visions of the future- what do you see happening, how can they be a part of it, and what will you be doing to make that happen.  Notice how each time I end with YOU.  That’s because as a leader it all starts with you.

The number one reason most people give for leaving a company is that they didn’t like working with their leader.  So if 76% of all employees are saying they would leave their job, they are telling you to stand up and look at your leadership.  How well are they trained? You need this group to be compelling speakers, and articulate thinkers so they can help transform their team for the future.

What percent of your team is going to stay or will you be looking at empty hallways? Prepare now by becoming the best leader you can be.

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