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Road Rage, Anger Management… These are words that describe people acting without thought.  It is pure adrenaline running through and distorting how you see events so they seem to be all about you and how they impact you.  Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of that anger, rage and frustration this next year?

In order to do that “You must THINK like a man of action and ACT like a man of thought.”  (from the movie The International)

This sentence is really profound when you take it apart.  If you “THINK like a man of action” then it means you are always taking action on your thoughts.  You aren’t just pondering for the sake of thinking.  You are instead in the active position of solving, executing, and pushing through on things.  Your energy is moving, not stagnate.

When you “ACT like a man of thought” you are not being ruled by your emotions.  You are taking the time to make sure that the action you are taking is warranted.  You are making sure you can logically support what you are doing.  You are making sure it is measured and exact.

You can see how combining these two is so incredibly important yet they are so often reversed by people.  When you like with just action you are often living out of control and in the pain of regret.  You have to run around and get forgiveness from people for what you said or did that offended them.  And if you have ever been around a person that is just a deep thinker who never takes action you know the agony of grinding your teeth as they either tell about a new idea (that you know will never happen) or they complain about how something is (but they don’t act on changing it).  Their energy just sits like a weight on your shoulders drooping you down further and further.

This year take the position to stop and ask yourself in each situation if  you are THINKING like a person of action and ACTING like a person of thought. If you aren’t, stop right now and make that change.  You can make this your best year ever!

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