A team that functions at a high level is one that feels connected to what is happening in the company and is quickly brought up to speed on new developments.  Here is a leadership communication tip for you to consider.

When a team doesn’t know how a new project, transition, merger, or other change will impact them their energy moves completely off of completing their work and instead spirals around building stories about what is happening behind the scenes. I have seen teams get so derailed from this that they no longer can even make their quotas.

To keep your team from doing that you need to have a fine tuned system of sharing information so you get out timely reports without inundating people. This constant “tap” of information actually calms the brain down and allows it to now focus on the work that needs to be done.

Right now in Eden Prairie there is a young woman Mandy Matula that is missing. It is believed she was killed by her boyfriend. Every day for the last week the police department has emailed out an update to all of the residents sharing what is happening, and how the community can best assist in the search. The format of the emails is always the same so you feel it is familiar the minute you see it.

Now some of these emails say the exact same thing they said the day before. That is fine as the implied message is “there is no new news”. As you can imagine this has significantly cut down the number of calls they get asking for updates on what is happening. It reduces fears, makes everyone feel connected, keeps it top of people’s mind, and keeps us out of the police people’s way so they can get their job done.

TAKE ACTION: For any big change coming in your organization think about how you can communicate with the group to reduce fears, keep focus and build trust.  Successful leadership communication in frequent, consistent short spurts is often best to keep the brain focused.

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