Last week I got a call from a leader (I will call him Steve) who is frustrated that his boss seems to “clip” his chances at presenting to the executive team. Steve is very smart and knowledgeable and quite honestly is probably the next in line under his leader so exposure to the C Suite is important to him.

Steve thinks it is his leader holding him back but the real truth behind the scenes is the executives are asking the leader to not let Steve present to them.

Why? Because Steve goes into deep details. He puts up charts, graphs, and then goes off on tangents. He uses terminology that is common for tech people but not for executives. Lastly, he goes over his time in an attempt to get everything in.

So when Steve presents, the executives just go quiet. They don’t even ask questions because they are too confused and frustrated.

Have anyone like Steve on your team?

It is not about just telling him what he is doing wrong, it is about him seeing how another path will get him the results he wants—to be respected and trusted. We can do just that for your leaders!

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