Think it Through

Anne Warfield, CEO

It was fun to see what people emailed us with answers to the riddle.  Many of you guessed the word “eye” or “ewe.  And then there were those of you who said, “It just came to me when I was..”  Usually you listed something like jogging, showering or driving.  It was usually after you let it go and then the answer came to you.

The riddle was, “What starts with e, ends with e and usually contains one letter?”

The answer is… Envelope. Once you let your brain stop thinking ABOUT it being an alphabet letter you were suddenly able to drop more things in to your memory box and free associate until your brain said, “Wait, a letter can be something other than an alphabet letter.”

Use Free Association to gain the most access to your unconscious brain.  Watch later today for another riddle to help you improve your Working Memory and Critical Thinking.  Do these daily and you will find your brain improvement in the ability to solve complex problems increase at a rapid rate.