60 minutes is known for getting the “story”.  So as you can imagine John Boehner, former Speaker of the House, made his first real world wide impact in his interview with 60 minutes.  So what was the impact?  How did we view him?

I am going to let you all answer that for yourself but I will point out how different things he did in that interview can impact how we all see him as a leader.

First and foremost you are probably wondering about the crying.  How does that impact our view?  Your view on this will be tightly tied to your view of having a Republican in the seat.  If you are all for that, you will most likely view it as a show of his human side and see him as coming in with compassion and humility.  If you see our current government as wimpy and needing strength, you are most likely rolling your eyes asking if he can have the strength we need to go up against our current overspending streak in Washington.

Now counter that with how he answered questions about President Obama.  You saw in his set jaw and his tight responses that he didn’t see eye to eye and that he was fine with calling things out on the carpet and getting things done. All things that point to strength of conviction.

So which will be the John Boehner that shows up for the job?  Watch and see!

Email us with your point of view on John Boehner and we will let you know how the majority see him.

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