The most important thing is to make sure that you do for your next Presentation is to set a clear goal for the meeting or presentation. If you have done that, it makes it much easier to guide conversations back to that clear goal without insulting anyone in the audience.

For example, if you are talking about new call center procedures and someone sidetracks you into talking about mistakes at the call center, you could simply guide the conversation back by saying, “It sounds like there are some key issues you want to talk about at the call center. Since today’s purpose is to talk about the new call center procedures and how we will implement them, let’s stay focused on that and table the other conversations for a later time.”

Notice how I was able to bring it back to the original goal, which was to focus on the new call center procedures and how to implement them. This is just one example of what you will learn at our Corporate Training Seminars.

If your group discussions often get off track, that means you do not have a clear goal that the group can focus their attention on.

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