That is what a client asked us after we helped them with a negotiation, they thought would cost them a minimum of $9 million and they walked away with an under $2 million settlement and a new $50 million in business. 

Now, how they did this is not through games or trickery.  Negotiations are nothing more than a time for both sides to show their character, integrity, remorse (if you messed up own it), and creativity. 

The first thing we had them do was let go of all the negative energy and fear they had over how much they could “lose”. 

Then, we looked at where the relationship got off track and showed them the steps they needed to do to get it back on track. It included an apology for some missteps they had.  An apology without blame. 

Then, they led with the question “how can work together today to rectify the past and prepare for a future together? What would that look like?”

Together they came up with a whole creative new side to the business together while fixing the errors.   

Remember negotiation is just a moment to brainstorm together. 

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