We had a client that had products and services that were similar to others in the market place.  They spent thousands of dollars trying to differentiate from their competition.  But that didn’t drive business in.

Once we helped them to find what were the values they had the companies craved we found it came to a few key things-  

  1. Any time a client called in, someone returned the call within 2 hours and had the information they needed.  This was due to the internal team culture they created that allowed no prima donnas and required all to feel responsible for the client. 
  2. They never tried to “sell” clients on products or services.  Instead they carefully matched clients needs with what services would help them get this.  So in the end they often had client’s spending less than they had planned.

So they began to say “If you are looking for a company that will respond to your needs in under two hours and who will often guide you so you get the result you want with less spend than you anticipated, give us a call.” 

If you need help getting all on your team aligned so that you value proposition is felt by your clients, we can help you do that.

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