I often find negotiations go sideways because people are not cognizant of the different brain styles out there and they will put the wrong people at the table.

In our Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program we spend time helping you understand exactly how people think and why it differs from you. It is important you understand what their brain will try to protect as it typically differs from what your brain tries to protect.

For example, if we are negotiating a merger and my brain is trying to protect my company’s reputation and my team and your brain is all about focusing on power and growth, we will come to a standoff. This will happen because the more you talk about the power and growth of the merger, the more my brain will focus on the loss of my company’s uniqueness and how that will impact my team.

So when you set up your negotiations with other companies, think about what may be most important to the other party and who on your team can think that same way. Bring them to the table with you.

So if you are a salesperson and you are negotiating with an IT person, I would want someone from our IT with me that could help me see the other person’s perspective. Or role-play with your IT person so they can point out the shortcomings or how you may inadvertently be triggering the other person’s fears with what you are saying or doing.

Or take the easy way and contact us to see how the Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program can train your entire team to think, speak, and execute at the C Level so you don’t run into these problems in the first place.

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